Our Approach

We have taken a fairly unique approach to ketogenics in that we have set it out as a 16 week (plus programme), making it a lifestyle choice and empowering you to still enjoy your food and in a controlled manner.

By splitting the programme into phases we are giving you more control than any other ketogenic ‘diet’ in that it is you who decided when and if you move onto the next phase. We have ahd client who are enjoying a phase that much that they doubled the length of time that they spent on that phase (in fact they enjoyed the level of ketosis (energy, sleep and the recipes in that phase)

Phase 1

Great, your journey on a low carbohydrate, high fat programme starts here. Use this programme as a guide to diminish sugar cravings, improve insulin levels and ultimately increase your body’s natural fat burning capabilities to reach your goal weight and health. This programme is designed to focus on feeding the body nutrient-dense snacks and meals so that you are getting vitamins and minerals from whole foods and are not getting sugar cravings or going hungry.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is about keeping the same clean-eating approach to your meals and snacks with an abundance of low starch vegetables, quality proteins and good fats, plus introducing a small quantity of carbohydrate-containing foods to allow more flexibility in your diet . This should still keep your weight loss steady.

Maintenance Phase

The maintenance phase is when you have reached your desired weight goal and want to maintain your weight. If you are feeling great at consuming 50-100g of carbohydrate per day and would like to keep this going instead of increasing to 150g, you may do so. There is no need increase carbohydrate intake (other than to increase variety of food or have an increased exercise level). However, if you are concerned that you are still dropping weight, then increase your energy/calorie intake from fats or protein by another 200-300 calories per day.



An advocate for better health and well-being through good food and exercise, Kate has transformed the lives of hundreds of families across Auckland with her sensible and sustainable approach to nutrition. Her skills as a nutritionist are well recognised having worked with the NZ National Heart Foundation providing research and support to establish healthy canteens in schools and Early Child Care Centres; and Plunket bringing awareness to how good food at home can make a big difference to children’s, teenagers (and parents) behaviour. Kate has also been called upon by the media (print and TV) to provide expert commentary of nutritional matters. Kate is a keen foodie and recipe developer providing tailored recipes to clients, families and magazines and runs regular supermarket tours and Food Workshops. She is a member of Kidslink Association and a member of the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation

Studied in Oxford and gained a BSc in Human Biology, at the same time gained an interest in fitness and exercise instruction as well as completing an instructor qualification course. Spent 10 years as a Royal Marines Commando Officer, deployed on Anti Terrorist operations, trained in Mountain warfare and Arctic warfare. Sub specialised as a Physical Training and Sports Officer and was in charge of all physical training and sport for the Royal Naval Officer Training College (Britannia Royal Naval College). After this he ran the Royal Marines Rehabilitation Unit at the Commando Training Centre. Sporting wise Steve was an avid rugby player and eventually was selected for the British Combined Services Squad and played in the prestigious Army v Navy game at Twickenham. As well as rugby he was the Commando Training Centre Light Heavyweight boxing champion. When not playing rugby Steve started to enjoy Dragonboat race and was in the British boat at the European Championships. Steve now regularly rock climbs and scuba dives as well as maintaining his fitness


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Brunella Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to FitForce and the Ketogenic Long Term Dietary Programme. Not only did I find the programme easy to follow but had online support when ever I needed it. I never felt hungry and it was easy to follow using the meal plans provided. I would recommend this to anyone that is serious about losing weight

Michael & Patsy Auckland, New Zealand
A huge thank you for introducing us to the Ketogenic Diet Plan, my husband was topping the scales at 130kg, which only meant bad news for his health! He has always struggled with his weight and tried several other diets without success.  Through the Ketogenic Diet Plan he has now lost a whopping 11kg in 5 weeks and is on track to get to his goal weight of 110kg by his 50th Birthday in 6 weeks time! We run our own business so are very busy people and we have found the meal plan very easy to fit in with our hectic day to day life.The recipes choices are tasty and easy to follow, with no cravings! We consider the Ketogenic Diet as a life long meal plan not just a one off diet, and would certainly recommend this to everyone!
Anthony & Nadine Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you Steve for introducing us to the Ketogenic Diet.  This programme was effective straight away, seeing amazing results within a week without going hungry.  We enjoyed the extensive menu and recipe options provided and the information and the support you offered was outstanding, advising us exactly on how it works and always on hand to answer questions.  Within a month we were back to our goal weight and with the assistance of your maintenance programme we were able to maintain this.  We would highly recommend this programme, easy to follow, cost effective and the results we wanted were easily reached in no time at all  – very happy!!!!!